Thursday, October 30, 2008

Falling behind

It's never fun to fall behind. But that's what happens when you aren't paying attention.
Not only am I a little bit behind on my DYL classes, I, Kelli Williams, did NOT get pumpkins for our carving party tonight. That's right! I forgot. I was busy prepping for classes this weekend and it slipped my mind. So last night, Kerry and I ran to the Superstore to peruse their sad and disgusting piles of pumpkins. We came home empty handed. I know the pumpkins live only for pie and having their guts scraped out and flesh cut up, but I refuse to buy a rotten, moldy pumpkin. I seriously feel sad for the ones that don't make it to Halloween, but I'm not going to save them. Besides, they smell bad too.
So today, I will be pulling a Linus Van Pelt and will be searching for the GREAT PUMPKIN and his friends.
(I couldn't get the actual video to post)

Here are some of my unfinished pages from week 4 of DYL.

This is from week 3, I used one of Emily's drawings of the girl she went to the Anime Convention as.


Brenna said...

Looks great and good luck with the pumpking search

RAE said...

Your project looks awesome! Good luck with the pumpkin search today.

Marina G said...

Nice layouts. I'm further behind than you (I'm still working on week 2) and B hasn't started yet!