Monday, October 06, 2008

That's me...

I'm a keener. I admit it. I want to get things done in a timely manner. I hate being behind. I can procrastinate like the best of them...but when I get going, don't interupt me. I'm in the zone. I'm pretty sure my eyes glaze over and my ears shut down too.
I am officially finished the assignments Cathy Z. left us with.
I'm using my stash people. I'm using it!!!
Check it out...cookie cutter from Melissa Frances, courtesy of Yolanda, I never thought I would use it, it's just that cute. American Crafts stickers that I had to buy 2 books of, and hardly ever use, they are kind of glossy and a red heart brad, who knew?
And on this one...felt E and metal numbers from Tara for my birthday, never used before, too cute to use, but I did it. Plastic and felt flowers that I've been saving for a rainy day. I'm impressing myself in no one else.
Now I have to prep for classes, finish those darn cute mini albums I cut and put together last week. Gotta strike while the irons hot!


RAE said...

Wowie...great LO' em!Those buns looked so yummy, now I'm hungry! I can't believe how motivated you are. I just walk into my scrap area and then walk out again..thats the extent of my creativity lately :)

MAM said...

Those layouts are fantastic and yeah for you using your beautiful stash!

Monica (DYL Classmate)

Cheryl said...

ackkk! i still haven't started! Your layouts ROCK Kelli! Gorgeous!

Veronica said...

Loving your Cathy's Class layouts!! Those cookies look totally scrumptious!!! Your posting them in your blog is making me feel I have to go post mine in my blog!!!! BUT....I am still trying to get the first week ones done!!!