Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sick Again

I have had some tummy issues the last few days, and as of tonight, during the middle of parent/teacher interviews, I have a super sore throat to with the tummy problems, the kind that makes you not want to talk or eat! Yay me! The kind that makes your neck sore too.
As the main 'care' giver in the family, I'm always the one making special things for sickies, treats, and other nice things to make them feel better. I know it's my mothering/nurturing thing, but I sure wish someone would nurture me. Maybe buy me super soft foods for my sore throat, make sure I have stuff to read while I'm laying around waiting for Y&R to start, that kind of thing.
So pity party of one has begun.

On the upside, Emily didn't give us her interim report and when we got to the interviews the first teacher told us that if she just tries to run a bit more in P.E. she'd be on the honour roll. Well, Run Forrest Run! I mean Emily! And as we are not above bribery we said "pull up your socks and pick up your feet, get on the honour roll and we'll see about buying you that Nintendo DS Lite you have been saving for" to which she replied something along the lines of "is that all I have to do to get you to buy me stuff? Run a bit?" She doesn't get it about the honour roll thing, but we'll explain it to her.
Honour Roll = Money

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Tara said...

Way to go Emily! Great job on (almost) being on the Honour Roll... RUN!!!