Wednesday, October 08, 2008

One Year Ago Today...

we were in my favourite place, Disneyland. See the joy on my face! That's the pleasure of not having to feed dogs, pick up poop or deal with a 9 month old puppy.

Me, eating the best ever caramel/mini m&m covered apple. I was making sure to get my fruits and veggies in. Shaun pointed out that some little boy had plate sized eyes while watching me eat my apple. I think this was breakfast.

We got so emotional seeing the parade, okay, so me and Emily did. She mentioned yesterday that she would like to spend her birthday in Disneyland. I'm all for it.

Look back at your pictures, what where you doing a year ago today?


RAE said...

Fun photos...that apple looks reaaaalllly yummy!

Sabine said...

Funny Kerri - I just posted a 'years ago' post on my blog on the 7th - it is fun to look back and reminisce and remember. Disneyland sounds fun and I have no idea how you could eat that apple with sooooo many M&M's on it LOL!!!