Thursday, October 23, 2008

Taking a sick day!

I am taking it easy today. Last night, my throat was so sore, I couldn't talk. Kerry was probably happy.
And this is taking it easy...
In keeping up with Donna's Campaign for Creativity, I'm planning on making a bunch of Christmas presents.
I found a pattern on Amy Butler's site for this portfolio type thing and wanted to make one for Emily. I might save it for Christmas, but I'm so excited about it, I might just give it to her. My original intention was to change the pattern a bit to hold her sketch books, but I figured for the first one, I better follow directions. Since she loves the Oriental fabric, that's what I picked. I don't enjoy sewing with it but I think it turned out pretty good and only took about 4 hours.
I've posted my layouts for DYL.

I'm almost all caught up, we just started week 4 and I have the layouts done, just need to take some pictures of a few things. I really like the class. It's been fun to use my older products, makes me feel good when I use them too. And designing layouts around someone else's sketches has been a bit challenging but I'm up for it.

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RAE said... that cloth portfolio folder thingee you made. I am so envious...I can't sew to save my life but wish I could. I would love one of those. If you get energetic and want to make another one I would totally pay you for it and for shipping it down to me. I could be you first customer :)

P.S. Get well and keep've been making some awesome stuff!