Friday, October 03, 2008

Get my ears checked

We took Shaun to Boston Pizza for his 19th birthday dinner. My friend, Jeannine, was there too, waiting for a table. She said she was meeting Mr. Right for dinner. I said "Aren't you married?" She said "He's golfing." I was kind of dumb-founded but we continued chatting until we got a table.
A few minutes later, Misty-Rae, whom I had seen at Costco 2 days ago, popped over to say "Are you stalking me?" I turned to tell her that I had seen Jeannine too, only to see she was with Jeannine.
Turns out Mr. Right, is actually Misty-Rae and I need batteries in my hearing aid.

And it was exactly this time last year we were on our way to my favourite place, Disneyland. Where Emily proclaimed our family to be like 'the Comedy Hut', whatever that means. And to make sure we keep that title our conversation tonight was on how to pronounce Jugo Juice. Is it Jew-go Juice? Or Jug-o Juice or, as Shaun put it - Hugo Huice?

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RAE said...

Ha ha...Mr. Right....that cracked me up!