Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Quick rambling {updated}

I haven't unpacked all my goodies from the weekend, well, I started and found a spider so now I'm done.

1. UPS delivers till 8 pm. I know this because I have had 2 seperate orders out for delivery since this morning, and it's 6 pm and I normally get them at 4 pm.
2. 1 burger is enough. 1 burger and 1 patty is too much.
3. I'm out of Diet Coke.
4. Opus has Copics on sale!
5. Someone broke in and dumped all my scrapbooking supplies on my table, really, they did.
6. I signed up for Cathy Z.'s Design Your Life class.
7. I haven't told Kerry yet about 6, and 5, but he recommend we do something about 3 before I blow. What a sweetie!

Off to Costco for Diet Coke.

Update: Been to Costco and back, and still my parcels aren't here. They have been in that truck since 9 pm. These are items I ordered Sept. 6th, they have been back ordered. I think I was never destined to have my Top Note die!


Marina G said...

Hi Kelli
I'm signed up for Design Your Life too - see you over there!

lynzei said...

I hope you get your goodies soon. You're really gonna love 'em.

I was going to tell you that I was jealous of you meeting Donna Downey, and that I was going to have to settle for pretending to meet Cathy Zielske through the Design Your Life class. I guess we'll do that together. Hee hee.

Angie Tieman said...

Ugh! I feel your pain waiting on an order that's out on a truck somewhere, it's the worst! Plus back-ordered for that long, that sucks! It will be worth it!

Soooo glad you got the Diet Coke...I started to hyperventilate when I read that you were out!

RAE said...

Hope your orders came tonight. Design Your Life should be a good class. I'd love to take it but got too much going on right now.