Friday, October 03, 2008


I've become the queen of WIPs. (work in progress) I start something and then go to get say some ribbon and then think I need to sort ribbon, and maybe re-ink my ink pads, and then when I have about 6 done, I think I should maybe sweep the floor, and it goes like that until I can't move.
My table looks like a tornado hit it. My house doesn't look much better. And when asked what I have been doing all week my answer will probably shock you. Nothing...Everything...Something? Yes, something.

The small victories in this week of doing nothing that passed so very fast...
1.Catching the large spider that came back from the island with me in my scrapbooking stuff. It was running on the tornado table and I had to move fast so that it didn't find a nice little crevice to live in. It touched my camera.
2.I finished my sample Stationery Box for Ever After.
3. I cut and sorted a million yards of ribbon.
4. I put all the pictures, journaling and embellishments in my Donna album. And made this snazzy photo collage of a few of the pages. This book is fat, not phat, but fat, thick, full of goodies.
5. I ate the last of the beets for breakfast, so now I have 1-2 more days of "What the heck happened to my poop?...oh, right, I had beets."
6. I bbq'd the best ever pork chops. I didn't over cook them, as is so easy with pork. Sprinkled them with love (Montreal steak spice, thyme and basil as per Em's request.)
7. Confirmed the booking of the hall for some kind of clear-out-your-scrapspace sale.
8. and this is the worst...I signed up for Cathy's class and so far have printed out the work on most beautiful thick paper and put it in page protectors, only to put it down and not read it, let alone do the work. There is an Official DYL Class Ground Rules, that I didn't sign yet, probably because I'm not ready...The part I'm not ready to agree with "keep an open mind and have fun", I'm already behind, I'm drowning in my tornado, okay, so I'm not drowning, I'm whipping around with the cows, and the houses, and the witches on brooms, and I can't get a single thing FINISHED to the END.
Except for this blog post.


RAE said...

I can totally relate b/c I do that all the time, I start one thing, get sidetracked and then start something else, then on and on it goes. I spend more time going from room to room trying to remember what the heck I was doing in the first place than anything else LOL

That collage is awesome but even more awesome is that album...that is AWESOME!!!!

Angie Tieman said...

Wow! This project looks amazing!! I'm SO stinkin' jealous you're with Donna Downey down below!! Not fair!

donna said...

i love love love it!

Kyla said...

This is just stunning! Can't wait to see more of your work in Cathy's DYL class!