Friday, October 24, 2008

Sew tired

I picked out new fabric today because I'm on a roll. I'm making some of these things for Christmas presents. The people I have in mind don't read my blog so they will never know. I made 3 big ones and 2 little ones. The question is now "What the heck are they used for?"
The outsides...check out my fancy covered button, I did that! And it pays to have be the daughter of the ass. man. of Fabricland! ( I like to call her that, the assistant manager, my mommy.) Emily was complaining that her pockets aren't as nice as these ones, hers don't open. I got all worried that with my beginner sewing skills I might have sewn her pockets shut, but I didn't, she thought the fancy brads on her pockets were actual buttons and she couldn't undo them.

This is the baby portfolio, it's little, won't hold much, but it's cute.
This one looks better in person, and it's going to a birthday girl whose name starts with an R and ends with an E.
I've got some other ideas for these things that include using some of Emily's art work and the Anime Convention.

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Tara said...

wow! Those are great... especially for someone who continues to claim she can't sew! May I put my order in????