Thursday, October 09, 2008 Watch the video of the day, right to the end.

Check that out! Check out today's show, Oct. 9th. She never fails to make me laugh out loud!
Love her Cher impression even though it hurt my ears.

She makes me forget that ...
1. The van made funny noises when I turned corners this morning.
2. Linus chewed on Emily's favourite bookmark from the Anime Convention.
3. Linus got out of the yard and I had to run back into the house to get my shoes, turn off the stove and grab a zucchini. Why a zuke? Because that dog is food driven and won't come to me if I don't have a pork chop around my neck.

Yes, Ellen has the magic to take it all away. I would pay money, lots of money to see Ellen.

And only because we are reminiscing am I sure that Kerry said yes...Em said she wanted her birthday in Disneyland, I told Kerry, he said Okay! It's in April 6 months away. I now have to save up enough money to get us to Disneyland, buy Wetzels Pretzels, and board to dogs. This will be discussed some more.


Claudia said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful blog candy !!

RAE said...

Ha-ha...just watched the Ellen clip....made me laugh out loud! She is just tooooo funny! I saw her yrs ago when she did a comedy routine here (before she became so famous) and have loved her ever since!