Saturday, October 25, 2008

Frolicking on the Beach

We took the dogs to the beach today. We don't go that often during the summer because the best dog beach is also a 'not supported by the city' nudist beach.

All the shots are SOOC. Linus has some nasty stick catching skills. Here he is walking on water. I think the ear flapping actually helps him catch air.It's too bad Sally is out of focus but Linus's bum is in focus. I've seen this one somewhere before...
Sally does awesome impersonations...

Anyway, we went to the beach.

Kerry had mentioned a few days ago that he needed to hold the camera more so that we would have more pictures of me. Sounded good at the time.
But then I remembered how most of Kerry's pictures end up, very blurry or very far away or of a tree or of my butt.
And so he got this one...

But then he got this one, which I thought would suck becaue Mr. Look-At-Me, was hogging the frame, but I like it.
And then there's this...Linus runs through bushes with great glee, only to be pinned down later to have all the nasty burrs pulled off his under carriage. I wonder if the nudists have problems with the burrs.

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RAE said...

OMG, you had me laughing at today's photos! Love the tilted angle of you and Linus. I say the same thing about D's photo skills...I swear he purposely tries to get me out of focus, eyes half closed and my hair looking weird!