Monday, December 29, 2008

I kind of liked it!

I went to my first UFC fight night on Saturday. I had been watching a few episodes of Ultimate Fighter with Kerry and wanted to see the final fight of the coaches, Nogueira and Mir. I wanted Nogueira to win, he kind of scary looking, see above, but seems to be a super nice guy, really cared for his team, whereas Mir, he's a pretty boy jerk.

Anyway, Nogueira didn't bring his game to the octagon, he got knocked out fairly fast, which I always love to see, the rubber arms and legs, but when it's your fav, it's not as fun. But I have a theory, Nogueira is old as far as fighters go, a whole whopping 32 years old, and if he had won, he'd have to fight Lesner, see below, and well, I wouldn't want to be hit by that bus.

There's too much blood, and elbows to the head for my liking, and there wasn't enough grappling on Saturday so I will have to re-think future fight night invites.


RAE said...

The guys watched the game and Bailey & I laid in bed and watched a sweet, sappy Xmas movie. We could hear the shoots every now and then. Whenever I went out to the LR none of them even looked at me...their eyes were glued to the tv screen LOL

Tara said...

Oh, man... not you too?!?!? {sigh}