Wednesday, October 07, 2009

20 years ago today

Today is Shaun's birthday. His 20th birthday. That's right, do the math, I was very young when I had him. It's a long story, but just to get one thing straight, it was not an accident. Other things I did around that time were not the smartest, but they all lead to my life now. And I wouldn't have it any other way...okay, I would have a firmer body, and a smaller waist and longer legs. It's hard to find clothes when your measurements make you a square. The top picture is a scan from when Shaun was about 3 yrs. old.
This one is from the summer, when he was acting about 3 yrs. old. I realized as I was looking for photos for this post that I don't have very many of him. Oh, well, at least I have these....

Who's my boy? Who's Mamma's favourite boy? Who's the good doggy? That's right, YOU are!

Heck with kids that don't want their pictures taken.

Be sure to take a stab at guessing the number of squash in the wheelbarrow.

No treats were used for any of the squash pictures, or the dog pictures.


Anonymous said...

Those are great photos!! Love the little Shaun pic! You need more photos of him, tell him that he is on his way to becoming an adult and could suffer through a few shots!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Happy birthday Shaun! Great photos Kelli!