Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Big things on the horizon

I got the Stampin' Up digital papercrafting program, My Digital Studio. It still has a few kinks that need working on, and after a few hours of trying to get it installed, I finally got it working. Between SU and SCS, I got it figured out. It's fairly easy to use. I made a 5x5 Halloween album for my little friends Z and R. Sure, it took me most of the morning. And sure, I wasted a bunch of photo paper printing it right in the middle of each 8x5x11 paper, but I'll get that figured out next time. I'm impressed with the print quality, which could be a mixture of damn good printer, decent paper and decent program. I'm not a huge digital fan, I like the textures of conventional scrapbooking and card making but this program will have a place in my life, it's how I'm going to make the calendars for the grandparents this year. My life just got easier!

I'm taking the plunge, leaving my comfort zone (the basement) and am going to take on a few photo jobs. Even as I type this, I'm thinking "Are you crazy?" I guess the next few weeks will tell me if I am or not. I have been offered a couple opportunities already and they are big ones, life altering for the subjects and I want to do them but I'm such a chicken. I only hope I can do them justice.


Lisa Howard said...

WOW! No need to be nervous...you have mad skills, Girl. You will be amazing! Can't wait to hear how it goes! xoxo L

Anonymous said...

You will be great! I love the Halloween cover, card, whatever part it is! But I agree, Im not a fan of digi scrapping. It would make the calendars much easier though!!