Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanksgiving Special

We celebrated Shaun's 20th birthday on Saturday. He's been sick all weekend so it was pretty low-keyed. We made him remove the candle from the cake and blow it out, so that no cake got germs.
I made the most beautiful cake I've ever made. It's black forest without the chocolate, because my dad can't have chocolate. So it's a white forest cake, or a snowy forest cake. And it was delicious.
Sunday night we had dinner at my Grandpa's and I wanted to go early to get some fall shots of the family. But because Shaun has germs, he had to stay home, which made for a slightly grumpy Emily. I made her sit for some shots, and she did, but I couldn't get her to crack a smile. So I told her to look like she was contimplating, she did that well. The building in the background is this old 'shed' at my grandpa's. What's really great about getting close with my favourite lens, my 50mm, is that you can't see the piles of 'junk' around Emily, although you can see the handle of a bike in the bottom left corner.
It's not the best picture, the sun was going down, and no matter how good our garage looks, we can't get the sun to shine on it all day. You can't see my van because it's parked in the garage. Yay! It is officially finished. As much as I love the breezeway, there are a few things we didn't think about when we decided to go this route. Like the fact I have to get out of the van, un-lock the garage door, lock the garage door, un-lock the house door and lock it again. It's almost easier to park outside the garage. And to celebrate the garage, we are having a real Garage Sale this Saturday. And I'm getting rid of everything. I'm tired of dusting.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe I gave Shaun my germs?? Hmmm. And the garage looks great! At least the breezeway will be nice during rain or snow!