Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I tried to get some Halloween shots of the dogs. One co-operated for a few minutes, but then she decided she should be the center of attention. {I made that flower}She totally ruined what was probably a bad shot anyways, but no I love it. "Look at me mom! Loooooooooook at MEEEEEE!"

Emily had to do some volunteer work today and was handing out candy outside of KFC. We just happened to be there the same time Little R. came by in his chicken suit. He's checking out the bucket to see if it's his momma in there. It wasn't, it was just a bucket of candy.

I'm so happy the weather changed this morning. I had a photoshoot with the family of Little R. today. Holy smokes, kids move fast! And they don't always want their photos taken. I used my new lens, and am pretty happy with it.
I wish mom was more in focus here. But I can be sneaky and bribe kids to get what I want.

All shots are SOOC, except this one.

Love the look on R's face. That's a moose on his head.


RAE said...

Cute kids! Congrats on your first session.

Anonymous said...

What is SOOC? Love the shots! Hope you didnt steal the kids chicken costume!

Rarinstamp said...

Great shots Kelli!!! Yeah, what is SOOC???