Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bright spots on a rainy day!

It's my dad's 60th birthday today! He's having a 'fight night/birthday party' on the weekend and we will be celebrating family style on Friday.
This morning started off the way a bad day does, I must have slept funny because I'm very sore today and fighting off a head-ache. And I woke up 9 min. before my alarm went off and then the power went out for over 30 minutes. Which to a certain teenager meant 'no school' and she went back to sleep, but I made her get up. The power came on just before she left. The internet has been super slow or non-existant. That same teenager only had half a day of school and got rained on. But...I am not having a bad day despite all that. Made 18 of these.
This large parcel came for me today, I was a bit worried after receiving an email saying the cd calendar cases were back-ordered and that it could take weeks to get them. It took less than a week. Wish all back-ordered items took that long.

Picked this up, I had seen it numerous times on blogs, but not in the stores. Haven't had a chance to look at it, but it looks pretty nice on my new fabric.
I found this wonderful tape today, after seeing this, I knew I needed some. I printed the instructions and pages and made one in no time. I didn't add pictures yet.
The cover.
Just a peek at what's inside.
I also made buttermilk drop biscuits after the power came back on.


Anonymous said...

Your starbucks book is awesome! I seriously am uninspired to make one! I hate feeling blah and sick! That stinks that your power went out. So far we have been lucky and it hasnt been out in a year! I slept funny too, I left my ponytail knot in and my neck was stiff and achy this morning. Hope you kept that headache at bay! I mostly did, I think I need more rest! Your coffee cozies are so cute, and the new fabric is too! I started keeping my cozie in the car so I would always have it!

RAE said...

What a great idea! I know I won't have time to make one right now but I'll keep it in mind. I'll get some of the cardboard and put it away for a rainy day when I need a cool project to make.