Friday, October 23, 2009

Busy Weekend coming

I'm getting my hair done today. Some say I should let it go it's natural colour, which would be mostly white, not grey, but white. I think that works for some people, Steve Martin, Betty White, my mother-in-law, Albert Einstein, but not for me. I'm not even 40 yet, and I'd like to be considered not even 40. Like at the garage sale when someone from the past said "What? You have a kid that is 20? That can't be right, he can't be YOUR kid!" We all know I had him young but this person thought I was younger than I was, thank you, Twyla, it's always great to see you! So, I'm getting a cut and colour.

Tonight we are celebrating my dad's 60th. He thinks he's getting a surprise party, he thinks people from his past will be there, he thinks he has to get 'dressed up'. Well, won't he be surprised when he realizes it's not a surprise party, it's just a dinner with family. He thinks he's so sneaky and figured it out. My mom keeps telling him that he's not getting a party, he got a Lazyboy chair instead.

Tomorrow is "get rid of the left-over garage sale stuff" day. Kerry said I had to get up bright and early. I don't know why. Then I have to make dessert for the party tomorrow night, more about that, and I appies for the daytime Halloween party. I'm charging up the batteries, I'm taking the camera, and I'm taking pictures of every single thing. Everything! I'm kind of grumbly about the lack of co-operative photography subjects around here, the slimy black leaves on the trees, and the fact dogs don't really have that many facial expressions.

Then after the party we have to go to my dad's for the UFC/birthday bash. I'm all pumped up, which is what some people don't like about UFC, the aggression part. I never thought I'd be having conversations with my dad that would include the phrases like "Darrell's triangle choke hold" and "Rampage is an idiot". I also never thought it would be so rewarding to see Zak take a nap after the choke hold, but it was and I like the rubber legs guys get when they get knocked out on their feet, but I don't like the blood. And who knew I'd start to like a guy named Kimbo Slice.

He's no GSP, but he's kind of teddy bearish.

And because I like photos on blogs, here's my depressing shot of my view from the couch, taken with my sweet baby 50D, at a super high ISO, because it can. I think it was nighttime, and it's depressing because I was pouting about the fact no one wants their pictures taken anymore. What's the point of having such an awesome camera and so much camera knowledge if no one in my family wants their picture taken?


Anonymous said...

You can come take my picture! lol It sounds like you are going to have a fun and busy weekend, and I look forward to the pics!

Lisa Howard said...

Poor, poor Kelli. I hate you have no willing participants. Me? I have NO participants willing or unwilling. Hope you can persuade them to "sit" for you soon.

And I'm so with you about hair color...ain't no way I'm going without my color. No freakin' way! :)

Veronica said...

Happy birthday to your Dad!!