Tuesday, October 06, 2009


The dogs helped me pick my squash on the weekend. I needed a wheelbarrow to do it. The dogs didn't do much. Linus helped me count the squash. If you can guess the correct number of squash in the wheelbarrow, you will be sent a little something from me. It won't be a squash.
Linus is checking out the different types as he counts. There should be one type, spaghetti, but they cross pollenated with my zuchini and maybe someone's pumpkins. So they are squumpkins and squashini.

Gotta get up higher to get an accurate count.

Gotta get in close to get an accurate count.

Sally decided up close and personal was the way to go. Yummy squashini.

Love the bokeh in the background, those little disks of light. Yummy.

With recent changes to Stampin' Up's demonstrator agreement, I have had to resign from the Artfreckles design team.
It's a bit frustrating, I've always wanted to be on a team, but I can understand why it conflicts with the agreement. So from here on out, I can post stuff I have made with non-SU products, but I can not post links to stores or sites that sell competing products.

change is good, right?


JoanneK said...

Those photos are awesome!!!! Great stuff Kelli!!! Sad that you can't be DT at AF though....your stuff is amazing!!!

Tara said...


Bonnie said...

19 is my guess. Great photos! You have the cutest dogs! They always pose so good for you. You must have doggy cookies in your pockets for bribing with.

Anonymous said...

33 Man that is a wheelbarrow full!! The dogs are so helpful!

My word verification is UNCOLA! Wasn't that 7 up?? lol

RAE said...

Love the photos of the dogs with the squash. I love squash...spaghetti squash instead of pasta with spaghetti is one of my fave meals.

JoanneK said...

Oh goodness...I forgot to guess! I got so wrapped up in those fun pics!!! I guess 28