Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday's Thoughts

I get these emails from another demo, 12 Weeks of Christmas. Each week she makes a very cute card, and has all the instructions. I decided to try to keep up. This is week one. This is week 2.
I should have stuck with following someone else's directions because it wasn't until I took this picture that I realized I'd truly made a left-handed card.
I got the inspiration for the colours on this card and the leaves and flowers from watching Old Christine last night. There was a cute pillow on her couch.

This is for Stamper's Group tonight.
Linus has been a complete jerk this morning and part of yesterday. He ate part of a chocolate bar yesterday, not enough to make him sick, but he also ate the foil that the bar was in. I did see some foil embellished poop this morning, so all seems good. But he also ate a tag and ribbon off a card, part of a cardboard box and part of a sanding sponge. He tried to eat his bed, a rubber ball, and another box, but I managed to stop him. He's sleeping now, I put him in a head lock until his eyes rolled into his head. Actually, he's upstairs by himself and so help me, he better not be chewing on anything.


Anonymous said...

I love your cards!! Oh and my Mom is left handed! lol I would kill your dog if it was mine.

RAE said...

Love the left handed card LOL! Sounds like Linus is got a little extra energy lately eh? Sandy goes thru spurts of crazy energy and if we don't get her out to run and play then she gets manic about chewing up stuff and raking her nails thru the carpet.

Brenna said...

Great cards Kelli, love the last one!