Friday, October 16, 2009

Garage Sale.

We are having a garage sale tomorrow, Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm.
There will be lots of goodies. Of course, they are still goodies, I'm a keeper of all things, but am realizing that if I'm not using it or never plan to use it, someone else might, therefore I should let it go.

Letting go of ...

-toys, I like to keep these around for when we have guests, little guests, but do I really need a Little Tykes kitchen set, 2 doll houses, baby cradle, or a Fisher Price horse on wheels that looks like it was never used, oh, that's right, it wasn't. I do need to keep the Little Tykes car, you never know.
-scrapbooking supplies, no surprise here. Stamps, paper, embellishments...
-books, magazines
-all Disney movies on VHS. Yes, this one kills me, we have over 20 yrs. of Disney movies on VHS, the kids don't want them, why should I? Because I love them!
-a never full Golden Retriever/garbage disposal, higher end larger model comes without removable tail(lost at birth) this ensures he won't knock things over with the tail, but it also means that you never really know when he's happy. Removable fur for knitting dog hair sweaters will be thrown in for no extra cost.
-my dad's collection of 8 track cassettes brought over by my mom.
- Shaun's collection of Transformers, yes, he's 20 yrs. old and just getting rid of them. They have been on his shelf for at least 10 of those years.

So if any of these things sound like something you need, please stop by tomorrow and take some home.


Anonymous said...

Hope your dog sells! We had all the Disney videos too but had to start getting rid of them because none of us have VHS players anymore! My Mom still has some of them but mine are all gone.

Bonnie said...

I want first dibs on the dog! See you tomorrow!

JoanneK said...

8 track tapes....people still own those? LOL...did they sell? Hope your sale was succesful! Want to come and help me purge now? hehe