Wednesday, June 16, 2010


That's what we are running at right now. The imac is up and running again, don't know what happened. The partitioned PC side is dead for now, tomorrow we'll tackle that. Not much is more exhausting than sitting at the computer and clicking buttons as the tech tells you to, and then finding out he must be new because he didn't have a clue as to what was going on.

On the plus side, I've helped Karla with her Christmas gifts. I'm not even ready for Father's Day.
Today, I got a complement on the house from a realtor, he probably just wanted to make a good impression so I'd remember him and no we aren't moving. And I'm trying to find the good in the little things, with the computer trouble and all, and so when the manager of the fabric store I supply the notions for pulled me aside today when I was shopping, I thought it was for something worked related. She asked if I had a membership and I said I didn't and she said I should seeing as how I was a rep and all. I was completely shocked, I have worked there for probably more than 7 yrs. I was so excited I ran over to my mom, she works at the fabric store, and had to show her. She didn't seem as excited, I may have had teary eyes. And then on the way out the store I found my foam Mickey Mouse head that fell off my key chain and I hadn't even noticed.

All of this has helped ease the pain of not being able to watch Y&R for 2-3 days, and if added to the computer problems and the fact no woman deserves her period 2x in one month, I think I'm doing pretty good.


Anonymous said...

Joke of the day:

What's more exhausting than than sitting at the computer and clicking buttons as the tech tells you to?

-Helping Karla make christmas presents and she dragged on about the jars! Phewwwwww. I didn't even do anything and I felt exhausted! lol.

Veronica said...

I feel for you Kelli! Hopefully all those computer problems are figured out. And about 2 x in one month!! Just have the system removed!! I did!! Happiest day of my life!!

Rae-Lifestyle Photographer said...

On the bright side, at least your mac side of the computer is working, eh? You're not missing much on Y&R, the same old stuff...Daniel & Abby (yuck), Victor & Jack hunting down Adam & Skye, Jill's foster mom fading fast and her brother played by a bad actor (Hasselhoff)...kinda boring.