Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday and it's half way through the year! {UPDATED}

I'm pretty sure it was just April, and now it's June. How many more days till Christmas? It doesn't matter, it will go faster than you think, and you still won't be ready!
I'm making a new purse. With yummy Amy Butler fabric and one of her patterns too. It's a long drawn out process. Buy 2 kinds of fabric. Let them acclimatize for a few days. Then buy a 3rd for the lining, but not AB, that's too expensive for the inside of a purse where you will get pen marks and gum stuck to. Think some more about the purse. Put fabric downstairs. Bring it upstairs. Buy some interfacing. Let sit for another day. Hand wash all fabrics. Let dry on clothes line for 12 hours, worry someone might steal your fabric, realize you spent $60+ on fabric to make a purse you probably won't even like. Shake bugs out, bring it in. Leave downstairs till ripe. Find ironing board, and iron, make sure they are clean, not stained by crayons or other craftiness. Wonder why you are ironing since you are just going to fold the fabric up for 3 more days? Blog about it.
Update: I put off procrastinating and decided to start my purse, only to find I have misplaced my pattern. I can't believe I finally bought an Amy Butler pattern only to lose it!!!


Angie Tieman said...

lol! Have you been to my house and seen me work?! This describes the exact steps I take to complete just about everything! Thanks for the laugh!

Bonnzlw said...

You have no idea how many of us crafty types are going thru the same steps you just described - about EVERYTHING! Well done!