Monday, June 28, 2010

Didn't get much done this weekend (Picture Heavy!)

On Friday, we had my Grandpa's 93rd birthday, I thought it was his 94th and said that when I saw the cake. Grandpa said he thought so too.
I got an email after sending these pictures out, "Why are we all looking in different directions? Why aren't we more photogenic?" I don't know, and I refuse to swap heads so live with it. It's just who they are. My mom is second from the left. Her twin is 3rd from the left.

We did not take our dogs up to Grandpa's, we like to enjoy our visit. I think there were 4 dogs, this one being the smallest, the rest are labs, and goldens.

There was plenty of this for Kerry. I'm such a good wife, I went to the liquor store and picked up beer for him. I also set off the security alarm, just like I did at Walmart the day before. The lady at the liquor store did not do what the lady at Walmart did and ask me rather loudly if I just got a new bra.

I'm trying to come to terms wit the fact that even though I like to photograph anything and everything, and I get some pretty decent shots, I may never have 'perfect' photos of my family. I get ones like this....

And like this....

But then I take my super cute cousins outside and I get ones like this...soon-to-be Dr. S. So proud of her! She's studies more than she breaths.

And this...Silpada wearing, wine glass toting hotness.

I'm thinking of offering my family money to pose for pictures!

I was heading out to check the cherries, and maybe take a few pictures, and I saw this on my lavender. I took a bunch of shots and then it flew at me and I was done.

"We" washed the van, really, I sprayed it, not Kerry approved spraying and then I took pictures. But I did wax it. Which always brings a good dose of "Wax on, wax off".

While at the liquor store I also picked this stuff up, after seeing Terrell win it at Bunco (another story). It's not half bad. Shaun said he could drink it a lot. Kerry did drink it a lot, I drank it a little.
I went with these two down to the lake and then we walked around until one of them dried off. He made a friend, a woman from Ontario, whose dog was just put down. She thought he was the cat's ass. He was so tired he just leaned on her and let her pet him. Then we told Kerry that was enough, and took Linus to the bird sanctuary. He was so tired, he made the best dog ever. Sally was at home loving the solitude.
This is what tired that big boy out. He starts out like this. He's pretty slow moving. He's got all day.
And he ends like this, taking on water.

I did a little, very little gardening. My beans are getting big! Well, the plants are. I haven't seen any bean buds yet. I did find some teeny tiny zucchinis!

The poppies were nicer a few days ago.
We had my family over for dinner on Saturday and we felt sorry for the couple across the street as her parents went away and we were worried that Uncle Binny might starve so we invited them over too. We had a nice time, ate a bit too much and talked a lot.
Then last night I said to Kerry "I feel like we didn't really do much this weekend." It was about 9 pm. He said "What are you talking about?" and rattled off all the stuff I just blogged about. And then I said "Oh, you're right, I'm so tired now, let's go to bed."


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great weekend full of fun and amazing shots!

Rae-Lifestyle Photographer said...

Awesome photos!