Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Scenes from Father's Day Weekend

I'm always up for the chance to take pictures and I don't always mind a bit of a challenge. So for me going to watch Yolanda's team host the Armstrong team at Prospera was a bit of a no brainer. But Kerry didn't really want to go. It was also fight night, a toss up between watching guys or girls beat on each other. I played the "I'm afraid to walk downtown after dark" card and he went with me. Afterwards, he said he was glad he went, he 'actually' enjoyed it. What's not to enjoy? The Peach Tarts won their first game on home turf! I got a few good pictures, but I'm still trying to learn my flash. The lighting was odd in the arena and bouncing my flash was not really working. But it's a learning experience.Sunday we went to the Father's Day Show and Shine. We have different tastes in cars. I had read an article in the paper about the Nissan Evo. I think there was one there last year. It wasn't there this year, but I made sure Kerry knew that I knew that it wasn't there. Seriously, I don't know what one even looks like but he thought I did. I like the older cars. He likes the Porshes, Shelbies and other Mustangs. I want to touch them, the smooth paint, the leather, but most cars have signs asking you not to touch them.
I like the details too.
I told Kerry I'm taking pictures of the cars I like, if you see something you like, tell me. So this is his 'like'.
And this one too.
But this was both of ours. A woman was walking around the bike to go somewhere else and her daughter says "Mom, people are trying to take pictures of the bike!" The woman stopped and posed with the biggest smile ever beside the bike and her daughter had to tell her that no one wanted a picture of HER!
Baracuda! Nash Bridges drove one. I have wanted one since then. I miss that show. And even though the Baracuda is named after a shark and kind of looks like one, I'm still okay with that. It's got a super big hood, and I once saw Nash Bridges slide along the top of it. I think Cheech was already in the car waiting. Side note: My uncle has a charger or a challenger, I can never remember, it's burgundy but really dark burgundy, and I always remember from when I was about 5 yrs. old that it smells like Pina Coladas. He's had it since it was new, I think.
We see this Suburban driving around and it makes us nostalgic for the one we had. That thing was huge!This truck was so shiny and sparkly. I try not to talk to much when we are looking at the cars so that I don't embarrass Kerry. "Ohhhh...shiny and sparkly. Stand there so I can get our reflection. It's like chocolate cherry truck. I wanna lick it." I just say it in my head.
And then we came home and smoked a brisket and had our parents over for dinner. Go BEEF!


Veronica said...

Hi Kelli,

Regarding arena lighting...it all depends on the lighting, but many arenas have tri-cycle lighting that cycle between three real colours of light, yellow, white and blue...that is why one picture can be perfect and one look awful. It all depends on the cycle in which you took the picture.

How to accommodate for this....

1. put your camera in multi-shot mode where at least three will be taken in sequence...one should be in the right colour....

2. have the rink change all the lighting to the single cycle colour...every shot turns out in the right colour.

So glad you had fun.
Next time you se Yo...say "HI" from roni!!

Rae-Lifestyle Photographer said...

Cool shots of the cars!