Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Welcome to the family

These are all SOOC.
Hey, Sally, meet my new lens. What's that? You need a close up? How's that? What's that, it's still the same distance away? Well, Sally that's the magic of a zoom lens. I'd go into details with big words, but all I really know is that above this you are seen at 28mm and below this you are seen at 75mm and that I turn a ring to do that. And that this magical miracle maker came in the mail.

I used the newest family member inside. That's Emily with her newest appendage. She's getting older, she needs that XL version just so she can see.
Linus was a bit aloof when introduced to my new baby. He's used to being the baby.

I think the wonky eyes mean he's afraid the new guy will take his stick. No worries, the girl holding the camera is laying in dog pee and no one could be bothered to take that stick.

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Lacintha said...

Tee-Hee...love your commentary Kell...lol