Saturday, June 05, 2010

Lazy Saturday

When the kids were in preschool, they made these plates as a fundraiser every year. They draw on the paper 'plate' and teacher Bev sends it to Texas. They come back as these awesome keepsakes. Both kids did them for years, and then they grew up. But this year with my friend's daughter being in the same preschool my kids were in, we were given another chance at plates.Emily did 2, one for her and one for Ilianna.
This is what is behind me. Although, by the time I started uploading, all 3 had fallen asleep.
Kerry's wearing is Subaru shirt that he got from Amy and David. He loves it, but he's scared to wear it out, for fear of looking like a Subie Nerd or something. At Chapters he said "Oh, I forgot what I was wearing!" and I said for the 2nd time since he got the shirt, "Do you like that shirt?" He says "Ya, I love it!"
I said "Well then wear it and don't give a crap about what others think!" and then I went back to pulling my sappy pants away from my sappy underwear!


Lisa Dickinson said...

those plates are so neat! and the napping threesome is adorable :)

Lacintha said...

Loving those plates..wish I could them here...and that pic is awsome...altho I have no idea what sUBARU NERD IS :(