Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday Freedom!

Kerry surprised me by taking Friday off. Actually the conversation on Thursday night was something like this...
Me: You should take tomorrow off to fix the last bits on the computer. I'm 2 days away from becoming a fat, smelly, living the basement computer tech.
Kerry: giggle giggle...It just so happens I am taking Friday off but I was going to surprise you.
Me: Surprise me? I'd hear you moving around upstairs, notice the dogs weren't in bed and have a fit that someone broke in.
He sorted bills while I put all the backed up info back on the computer and tried to figure out how to get the mac mouse and keyboard to talk nicely to the pc. I wanted to kick things. I was 2 seconds from having a melt down, I could feel it brewing. But thankfully, I figured out it with the help of Mr. Google. Gosh I love him.
After I had a bit of stomping around and a bit of "OMG I fixed the computer, (with a little Applecare help)" dance, we went out to run some errands. Kerry said that since I had a hard 5 days of computer crap, I deserved lunch out and I got to pick. But I didn't know what I felt like and I know he loves hamburgers. I could careless about hamburgers. We had tried Fatburger and decided it wasn't that great, but my dad said Gorgeous Georges was good so we sat outside and ate our burgers. I must get over my fear of pulling out my camera in public places. This was the best burger either one of us had eaten. I could eat there again, and Kerry said that was saying something since I don't care for burgers like he does. We were so full, we didn't get to enjoy our fries and for me not to eat the potatoes means that was one good burger!
Emily had camp again this weekend, just over night but way out on the other side of the lake. So we stopped at Tim's for sustenance and off we went.
The box was so cute and little, I had to take a picture.
I guess I should be happy she's not making a face, sort of. Poor kid has her spacers in for her braces and is in pain when she eats.
We saw this rv and she said I had to take a picture to show Shaun. They have both discovered Professor Layton's games for the DS and love playing. I like that it makes them think.
This is our Father's Day picture. How sweet. That's Kerry hugging a bush in the background. Emily wouldn't move so the trees mottled her. Typical Williams' family photo!
I have a series of these photos with the key getting closer and closer to her nose. What's really funny is that Kerry gets happier and happier as the key gets closer.
Maybe the windy road travel was worth the view, jury is still out on that one. Kerry said he realized I could never be his co-driver, the one that says "Left over crest" as we race in our imaginary Subaru. I said I knew that all along. I'd be yelling "Sob Sob, gag, Left, slow down, over crest, pull over I have to puke!" He laughed and laughed. And that took us back in time to the first time I want off roading with him in the suburban. I seriously thought we were going to fall off the earth when we went up the steep road. I cried 97% of the time. I couldn't help it. Shaun slept most of the trip. Kerry was sad. He sold the suburban because he realized no one shared his off roading love.

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Rae-Lifestyle Photographer said...

I enjoyed seeing the photos. Its important to find a good burger. My fave around here is a White Spot with triple O sauce and Cactus Club burgers.