Wednesday, June 23, 2010

She's crafty, she gets around

Can you name who sang the song that the title comes from?

Last night, Karl and Uncle Binny* came over to work on their Christmas gifts. Yes, Christmas gifts. Karl says once school starts there won't be any time. I can't even pretend to imagine that. So I worked on a mini album that will be a class. I figured I don't have any decent pictures of my own people, why not use Amy and David's**?
I used one of my Grandma's 'antique' buttons on the cover. So if you sign up for the class, you won't get a button like that. I took the pictures with my new lens, SOOC, and I love the first one! I love it so much. Is it weird to make a mini album of people we've never met? Yes. Is it weird that I want to keep it? Yes. I told Amy I'd send it to her after the class. But now I'm thinking I want to keep it. Just kidding, Amy, I'll send it, later.
*names have been changed to protect the innocent.
**names have not been changed because I couldn't think of anything to rhyme with Amy and David.

In family related news...
-Emily got her appliance today. I wish I could say she got a candy apple red gas stove. She didn't, she got a metal torture chamber for her jaw. I am keeper of the key. Everyday for 2 weeks+ I get to crank that key to widen her jaw. The most exciting part is that in the end, her jaw will be wider and she will have a gap between her front teeth. All I could think about when the dr. told me this was Madonna and her gap.
-I had to pay for the above. Ouch.
-Grandpa turns 94 this week. He won't be bowling in the fall. The bowling alley is worried that he's too unstable and may hurt himself.
-My hairdresser's brother passed away unexpectedly this week. The obituary said in lieu of flowers and donations, do a 'pay it forward' action that would make him happy. I'm going to find something to do. I think everyone should, just because.


Anonymous said...

Karl wont have time - last semester of school EVER and despite what Smelli says or other failing students - university is hard work.

AND did you see how Karl had to drag Uncle Binny to come. Yup. When christmas comes - and Karl goes "Hey, uncle Binny, go to Smelli's house and make the christmas tags", we know it wont happen, or it will on Christmas eve.

Angie Tieman said...

Wowza! This is amazing!! And yikes, your poor daughter! Ouch!

Cheryl said...

BEASTIE BOYS! Poor Emily - Lucas has a retainer and all I can say is Thank God for retainer insurance.

Rae-Lifestyle Photographer said...

Yep, I believe in "pay it forward". Hope your grandpa isn't too sad about not being able to bowl in the fall. You tell him he has a fan - me! I cannot believe at his age he is so active!

Anonymous said...

I love the book, it is amazing! However if you really want to keep it, I can send back the folding one you made (like Karla's) for you to add photos to and then send back! I feel bad for Emily, I think teeth should be crooked if they want too, and jaws too!