Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday UGH.

This smiling guy is racing, but how great is it to see him smile at me while he is about 21 minutes into his race. He only had about 3 minutes left and he's smiling. Me, I'm burning, sweating, dusty, and I have to hike back down the hill. But it's all good, Kerry and Dad had a great time and I got awesome pictures. Dad, he's not smiling, but he had a great time too. He's got a camera on his chest. I won't watch it, that's a motion sickness trigger for sure.
We had had some Yves Veggie Ground Round Chili and it was surprisingly good, so I bought some from Costco. I made Veggie Shepherd's Pie, it was delicious. I'm surprised that Kerry loved it.

Today, we are having Mac issues. {GASP} It could be something that originated on the PC side of our partitioned hard drive. Ask me if I love that we went that route and I will say I don't. We did it because I use PS7, it's ancient but it's what I know, she uses PSE6 and if we put it on the Mac side, it would be version 5. So we thought we'd have the best of both worlds and we wouldn't have to teach old dogs new tricks. We have the best of the Mac and the viruses and other problems of a PC. Oh, joy of joys.
I'm in the process of converting my external hard drive to a fat32. I don't even know what that means but I'm doing it. Then I will back everything up and go from there. I dislike this stuff.


Anonymous said...

Well the pics are awesome, not so much for the pc mac issues!

Anonymous said...

Im a little disappointed...not sappy underwear?