Monday, April 02, 2007

Perfecting the Roll Over

I'm sure right about now, Linus is so impressed that we taught Sally how to 'roll over'. We don't know why we did this, it is not typical dog training and I don't recall it being part of puppy school. She can roll over, shake one paw, and then the other one, if you ask her to.

So Linus jumps on Sally and now instead of her growling at him and him playing dead, Sally steam rolls him. Poor thing. He also gets sat on and pushed up against the furniture to be squished. I'm sure this is her idea of playing nice with the pup, and I know if she didn't like him biting her, she'd stop him and that if he didn't like her slobbering on the top of his head and the choke hold, he'd come running to me. Sally is definitely seeing the advantage to having a 'little brother', as I did, but as I had to learn, so will she... those 'little brothers' grow up into 'big brothers'.
So right now, as they are both sleeping, I am glad we decided to get Linus. He's brought out the puppy in all of us.
Did I mention that we have been walking the dogs every night since we got Linus and that I lost 3 lbs. last week? Could be the excersise, could be the major yard work that gets done because a certain pup can't be left alone outside yet, or it could be the meals eaten fast and in secret with a bit of acrobatism because a crazy lunatic comes out at dinner time to try to climb up us and steal the food out of our mouths. Or it might be that I figured if I average out how much I have spent at WW and how much I have lost, it works out to $31.20 a freakin' pound. Slap me!

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Fern said...

ROFL! $31.20 a pound, that's hilarious and reminds me that my Curves membership expires this month and I have only darkened their doors once this year. sigh. Love the dog pictures - I thought Sally was teaching Linus how to roll over himself!