Saturday, April 28, 2007

11 YEARS today

My baby is 11 today!!! She's not a baby anymore, she's a young lady now!!!

When asked what she wants to do for her birthday she always wants a party at home, running around the yard, hanging out. But this year she said "I want to take my best friends to Ozeki's". We started out with 6 kids in total and by party time, ended up with 4. Shaun had to work so he missed the excitement and sushi. We think the fact we were going for Japanese food scared the other kids off. But those that braved the meal seemed to really enjoy it and I'm glad we gave them the experience. 3 girls and 1 boy can get awfully noisy and I think that's why we were fed ASAP. I ordered, went to the ladies room and when I got back our food was on the table. I love that place!!!
Only one kid other than Emily had tried sushi before and it was in the last month or so, so she was eager to try new things. We did point out that none of the sushi we were ordering would have raw fish. Part of my raw meat phobia keeps me from eating sashimi without thinking about puking it up after, and if I'm going to spend the money on a great meal, I don't want to puke it up after so why go there!?!
The 2 that hadn't had sushi before tried a piece and I thought 1 was going to puke, she had the gag reflex and face to match. But the 1 lonely boy, he loved it, he couldn't stop raving about how gross he thought it would be and how good it really was. He was so funny, he's a huge Pokemon fan and thought that the restaurant looked a lot like the restaurants on Pokemon, same with the sushi, if I understood him right, some Pokemon with a big tongue(?) loves to eat something that looks like sushi. And Naruto eats noodle soup and one of the girls ordered Udon and I didn't know little boys could talk so much.
So after the 6 of us ate and ordered more sushi, and ate some more, our bill came and this is what I love about Ozeki's...You can eat and eat and not feel grossly full and then get the bill and you think that the server forgot to list a bunch of items, when really she didn't and you realize you just fed 6 people a huge meal for $87. We had appies, we had pop, we all had our own meals, we ordered extra sushi 1/2 way through the meal, we had green tea, we were shocked. I honestly thought it would be closer to $200, I don't know why.

So today is the real birthday. We are having great grandpa, grandparents, k & h for cake tonight. Normally birthdays at our house go on for a week or more, you know the kind, kids party one weekend, grownups and family another weekend, but this time, 2 days, that's it, that's all.
Because next weekend, I'm cropping till I drop.
Oh, and Kerry's birthday is Thursday, and our anniversary is Sunday. Whatever! I'm outta here!!! Fend for yourself, make your own cake, buy your own present. Ha Ha Ha, like I would do that...I'll make him something pretty at the crop.

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Yah, that's it, make him something nice at the CROP!?