Wednesday, April 11, 2007

And so I said yes.

E: Mom, will you look after my Tamagotchi today?
Me: Do I have to?
E: Yes, it's new and I want it to grow.
Me: If I really have to, but I can't promise anything. (In my head: I will probably forget, as I'm known to do and it will die.)
E: Here's the instructions, here's how to feed it, here's the bathroom, here's how to play jump rope with it.
Me: Okay, just leave it there. What time does it wake up?
E: 9, and don't forget about it.
Me: (In my head: Darn, now I will get nothing done. Puppy sleeps again at 9-9:30, if Sally isn't bugging him, Tamagotchi wakes up at 9, I'll get no peace! I have to go mail some stuff and get a few groceries, is it cool to attach this thing to my key chain? Did I put enough good food in Emily's lunch? I have to call and make an imunization appt. for Shaun.)

And then I left it on the counter and walked away. But don't worry, it makes a beeping noise when it wakes up, again when it needs to be fed, when it gets mail, when it needs the bathroom. So it's been fed, played with, mail answered, points earned(don't ask me how but I got 400 p. for opening a letter, wish I could get real mail like that, but right now I'd settle for my CK mag that seems to be taking forever), and I did some other button pushing that doesn't seem to have any long term effects. And I took a picture to show Momma Emily that Nanny Me didn't let the thing die, all though it is only 10:30 am. (4.5 hours to go!)

Now this remind me of a Vinyl Cafe story...Marly finds a Tamagotchi that she forgot to give her son for Christmas and somehow winds up secretly caring for it and if I remember right it dies and she ends up mourning it. Which then reminds me of Dave and his pedicure. I love those two!

Sally is teasing Linus on a regular basis. She shakes the toys in his face and then trots off, he's too slow to catch her, so he gets frustrated and bites things like the dining room table, chairs or my legs. Then he gets in trouble and I think that is what Sally was after to begin with.
I think the honeymoon is almost over. Puppy WWE is no longer all fun and games, it starts out all fake and safe and then Sally gets a bit too agressive and Linus has to find a place to hide. Which is a whole new game, he runs like crazy and tries to fit under things, like the couch, that he could fit under last week only to discover that he's too big, all while Sally is trying to chew off his legs. And when Linus wants to play and Sally doesn't she will come to us and 'ask' us to get him off of her. Sibling rivalry at it's finest.
I look away for a few minutes and the Tamagotchi crapped.

Shaun says he's ready to get immunized. He has been working with a dr. and they think he's ready, so I'm making the appointment. But I am specifying that I want the nicest nurse, no one is to hold him down or touch him or degrade him by saying a "big boy like you should be able to do this". I slipped and let that happen a few years ago and you can bet I won't be letting that happen again.


Dawn said...

You're a good your human and furry kids!

Heather said...

And apparently to Tamagotchi's! So far?
I mean, really, who knew?

Fern said...

I hate those things, thank God Holly killed hers all by herself!

Cheryl said...

Sorry about the Tamagotchi. When's the memorial service?

Have I told you lately your dogs are CUTE?