Friday, April 06, 2007

Did you know...

I have a nice little piece of paper that says I graduated with honours from computerized accounting?

Did you know I loved math in school, A's all around, teacher's pet kind of student?

Did you know I worked for an electrician after I finished school, did the accounting/bookkeeping/dogwalking?

Did you know when I got married I shut off that part of my brain?

I like to take Kerry with me to the store just so he can figure out whether buying 3 of an item for $4 is cheaper than buying 1 for $1.30. I don't do it to make him feel smart either, I just don't like to do it period. I've been asked to do people's books, taxes, office stuff and I won't do it. Okay, sorry Yolanda, I should have told you this before I helped you with your stuff.

What am I getting at? I am admitting that I don't do my own taxes. I won't do my own taxes. I can't even get them organized until the very last minute. And to make it worse, I have to not only get our personal stuff together, but I file as a business too, I have for years because of my woodcraft business.

The only fun thing about taxes this year is the fact we got a paper shredder. We have not had one for a few reasons, one being that we had kids and a dog and I watched 20/20 or something like that and kids and dogs get stuck in the shredder. Really. A dog stuck his tongue in and it got shredded, which bothered me more than the child that stuck his hand in. But now that shredders have safety switches and all kinds of other protective features, I allowed one in the house. So while sorting tax crap we come across bank statements and other irrelevant paperwork from 1996 or earlier and I get to shred it. It's white noise for me and it calms me. And it's instant gratification, I get piles and piles of shredded paper.

This is what getting along looks like...
I love this one, even though it's blurry.

Linus has flattened my zebra grass into a nice little puppy nest. It's his timeout/hiding spot when things get too scary. He stores his pinecones, roots, sticks, poop and other goodies in the nest. I don't think the grass will get a chance to grow this year.

If you want something decadent to eat this weekend, because chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks are so everyday, try a DQ caramel chip cheesequake blizzard. Probably more than 15 pts. for a small if you counting, which I wasn't. And besides I had to eat it standing up so it didn't have any calories.

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Tara said...

OK, so those pictures are waaayyy too cute! Love that top one!