Monday, April 30, 2007


Yolanda was kind enough to tag me. Now I have to post 7 random things about myself. Then I have to tag 7 more people that I think read my blog or that have a blog. Hmmm...I really have to think about this.

1. I won't eat canned chicken noodle soup. I had it as a kid and remember that the chicken pieces were like chunks of fat, so I won't eat it or buy it as an adult.

2. I took ballet lessons for one season when I was about 5, hated it. Got lost back stage at Kelowna Community Theatre, only I thought my memory of that was actually a reacuring nightmare. I figured it out as a teen when we went to the KCTheatre for a fieldtrip and it all came back to me.

3. I took organ lessons, my mom wanted an organ, got one and then punished me with it by making me take lessons. Hated it.

4. Kerry and my parents bowled together in the same league when we were kids. My dad kept newspaper clippings from those days and some of them actually have Kerry's dad name in them too. My mom and dad's team was called Kelli's Heroes.

5. I have a hidden sushi making talent. I was the first grandchild to get the recipe and learn to make it, might have been first out of all of my relatives, except grandpa. I have been asked by numerous people if I would make it to sell because it's better than the store bought, or so they say. Me, I'm tired of it, when you can make it any day and eat it at weddings, funerals and New Years, showers, reunions and any other major event, you really get tired of it. So I don't buy it, because it doen't measure up to the real thing. And I don't do sashimi.

Tagging Fern, Tara, Audrey, whom I know have a blog, and Marg S. and Sue R. (I know you are reading this), same with Nancy B.

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