Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Somethings I just don't share...

Like my favourite sweater.
It's dark grey with a purple and white stripe across the front. You've seen it, I wear it all the time. I am picky about my sweaters, they must be cotton, not tight and they must be very comfy. I actually found this beauty at VV Boutique years ago, like more than 5 but less than 10. It's a Roots sweater, maybe even a man's sweater. I know it's getting thinner, it doesn't keep me as warm as it used to and it's becoming see-through, which would make it okay to wear with a white bra if I was 16.
Anyway, it's still a good sweater. I think it has years, okay, maybe months of wear in it. When summer gets here, I am sure I will no longer need it and may be persuaded to part with it. Maybe.
But not now... no matter how cute the new owner might be, or how sweet he looks after he pilfered it and stuck it in SALLY'S bed, as if to say "it was already here when I got here". I've been working on finishing my ABC's of Puppyhood album. I should have it done before noon if I get off the computer. It's pretty cute, I think Linus will cherish it forever. Just as Sally does her Basic Grey album.


Heather said...


It's not keeping you warm anymore because YOU are getting thinner, not the sweater.

Linus needs a blankie!

Cheryl said...


At least until you have a replacement sweater that is as perfect.