Thursday, April 19, 2007

How I spend my days

About a year ago, I borrowed a Wacom tablet from my aunt. I thought Emily might enjoy it because she spends 1/2 her waking hours drawing. I was wrong, it's really hard to use and takes hours to master a straight line. So it's been collecting dust pretty much the whole year. Until today, after I downloaded our weekend pictures.
We took Linus and Sally to the end of Cadder and despite the sign, we took them off leash for all of 10 minutes to jump in the lake for a quick dip before a strenuous walk. Which was great for Sally, she ran in right away, she loves bodies of water. Linus, not so much. He ran after her only to realize he was quickly being swallowed up by some cold invasive fluid. He ran out and managed to get sand coated in a timely fashion. And he found a stick. So for the second time in about a week, Linus has not taken well to water.

The pictures are Sally's How-to-get-dry-and-get-your-little-brother-wet-at-the-same-time tutorial.(they showcase my Wacom skills also.)


Tara said...

Kelli... you have some mad wacom skills! Great pictures.

Rarinstamp said...

I love the pictures - looks like Sally had fun

Heather said...

Too funny! You know I saw that there on the shelf a couple of weeks agao and thought;
If she ever wants to sell that thing, I want first dibs. I didn't know you bought it for Em? I can't exactly remember why I ever wanted one, but I did. I think for sketching my woodworking patterns or something?

Nice doodlin'!

Cheryl said...

HAAAA!! Those are AWESOME Kelli - love your commentary.

It took Bella a while to get used to (ahem not be terrified by) the water, I'm sure Linus will come around :)