Thursday, April 05, 2007

Extra Long WEEKEND!!!

We have a running joke that I need another baby so that I can take better baby pictures to scrapbook. A lame reason, and never going to happen for so many reasons. We can't fit another person in our house, I only have 2 hands to hold and whack 2 kids with (just kidding, they're both too big to hold), 2 bench seats in the van, one kid gradding this year, the other turning 11 and oh, the big one, Kerry's fixed. And not to mention the obvious, I really love babies and kids, but I really don't want anymore. We know our limits.
Sooooo...not only is Linus great because he's tailless and won't knock anything over with his tail, but he's like a baby. He's a new subject to photograph and scrapbook. He's not sick of me and the camera yet. And so much like a baby is he that he can't be left alone for more than 2 minutes, he knows when he's doing something bad and runs like a drunk to an open bar to eat Sally's food( no offence to drunks meant), we have to baby proof everything, he cries, he poops, he pees. We have become creative with our time, eat while he's sleeping because he comes at you like a dog with rabies if he gets a whiff of people food, I have to shower when he's sleeping, scrapbook when he's sleeping, sleep when he's sleeping.
But the funniest thing that has happened is that Kerry has a whole new side to him, uptight puppy daddy. We joke and say Linus is full of P&V, piss and vinegar, usually 3 times a day, only when home alone with us. He bites us, the furniture, the walls, tables, Sally, etc. but the worst is when he's left alone with Kerry. He chews the power cords, tries to get into cardboard boxes by digging through the carpet, chews his bed, and just won't let Kerry get to the safe house in Gran Tourismo. I feel for him. NOT!!!
Linus, Sally and I had a little photo shoot yesterday. I have about a pound of makeup on, I figured that after blowing a small fortune on moisturizer and all kinds of MK goodies, I should use it. So what if everyone gets jealous because I'm so hot!

Almost forgot...HaPpY eAsTeR!!!
Eat good food!
Be with good people!
Think good thoughts!
Scream "Oh, goodness!" when you get on the scale next week and it's not what you think it should be!!!

I should have another diet Pepsi.
I have not accomplished much on my list of things to do.
So I'll make a new one...

post on blog - done
buy Sally food - done
deposit cheques - done
buy mini eggs for myself for Easter - done
shower - done
forget to let dogs out - done
wipe up pee because I forgot to let dogs out - done
play with PS7 - done
print pictures for Costco frames that have been in the box in the dining room for 2 month - done
use up last of photo magenta, photo cyan and cyan ink in printer - done
curse the cost of ink - done
clean out makeup cupboard - done

Old list...
Vacuum for like the 4th time this week(darn dogs)
Wash floors
Find all paperwork pertaining to taxes
Make class schedule
Fertilize grass(but if I do this, what will I do with the dogs?)

Kids are home, must look busy.


Dawn said...

OHHH! Those are great pics! And look at all you accomplished! Linus is way better than an actual baby... even if he does create more need for vacuuming :-)

Heather said...

Can you see me shaking my head at you, rolling eyes and laughing madly?

And, thanks, no offense was taken to the Drunk comment!

Tara said...

HA! I LOVE your new list! I need to do that... my to do list is making me crabby(er).

Linus is sooo much better than a baby... not that there's anything wrong with babies.

Fern said...

I love those pictures!! And I love to see how it at least LOOKS like Sally and Linus get along.

Have a great weekend!