Friday, April 27, 2007

I've found these on many blogs lately and I have to admit, I'm a bit slow. I didn't get it.
Really, it's simple, you pick a bunch of pictures that best describe what your likes and dislikes are and from that the magic of the computer tells you who you are.

this is funny...

I found this idea on Jenn Sizemore's blog. Very talented. Anyway, go google your name + needs (ei.kelli needs), just for fun, see what comes up.
So if you're making my birthday wish list, you can start here...

Kelli needs folks to put their heads together and maybe volunteer a little of their time by doing any number of things.
Kelli needs some nookie. (not really)
Kelli needs all our prayers, and support. (I think she needs a kidney transplant)
Kelli needs to be enlightened. (most likely)
Kelli needs him. (only if he’s clean-shaven)
Kelli needs a kidney transplant. ( I hope she gets one)
Kelli needs to go back to her original roots. (only if she wants to look older than she is)
Kelli needs to clear some space in that crazy schedule though; she's going to lose her mind if she keeps staying so busy!(very true)
Kelly needs to come to Chicago.(no she doesn’t)
Kelli needs to either hire some professional songwriters or join a gutsy real band.(and maybe get some singing lessons)
Kelli needs information.(always)

Makes me think some Kellis have similar lifestyles to mine...the ones that can't sing, are busy, etc. and that there are some people out there with my name that need help. I hope they get it, whether it's kidney transplants, gutsy bands or nookie.

Here's to all the KELLIs and getting what they need.


Heather said...

Ha ha! That's because you needed a NAP!


Cheryl said...

Kelli needs to do stand-up.