Monday, April 30, 2007


I can't count...I only posted 5 of 7 random things.

6. I watch a fair amount of tv. Grey's Anatomy, Amazing Race, CSI(the original), Law and Order(any and all), ER, Medium, Gilmore Girls, Arrested Developement, the Office(I was very slow to like this one), Simpsons, Heroes, Lost, and when I am scrapping I have soaps on, Bold and the Beautiful, Y and R, Days, Passions(so stupid), I only really listen to them, I don't watch the whole thing.

7. When I was hired at PL's scrapbooking store to teach stamping and cardmaking I actually said "I don't do scrapbooking". And a bunch of other teachers did the collective "what?" What I meant was not that I didn't "do" it, like get it or approve of it, but that it wasn't something I had done. Who knew? Not only do I get it, do it and totally approve of it, but it rules our lives.

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