Thursday, May 10, 2007

Contain your self

How's that for anal?
I know what some of you are thinking...Her husband doesn't make that much as a shipper, how can she afford to have all that Tupperware?
Well, a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away I was a Tupperware consultant. Not just any old consultant either, a manager with a down line. It all started when Kerry and I were first living together and his friend's girlfriend was telling me all about how she signed up with Tupperware so that she could do her cupboards. Well, bells went off and I probably signed up that week with the sole intention of getting containers for my fridge, freezer and cupboards. Years go by, parties came and went and the fridge, freezer and cupboards were done. So were the closets, under the sink and our camping gear.
Then I got pregnant and had Emily. I realized things needed to change when we realized that boxes of containers larger than a stove, 1 child and a baby in a car seat made an uncomfortable car ride and the fact that the first time I left Kerry with Emily, she cried for over 2 hours straight.
And so this morning while getting the kids ready for school, I opened the pantry and couldn't see a single thing to put in their lunches because even though I have a million dollars in plastic, it wasn't being put to use. And so, I started purging and cleaning and organizing. I now know that I can have 3 kinds of crackers with my mustard(from a previous post) and I will never run out of icing sugar or green tea.
I think other than fresh fruit and veggies, I will not be buying any groceries for a long, long time.

The moral of this story...Isn't a moral but a fact...bugs come from the store, bugs like the glue on the boxes that house your food, grocery stores spray for bugs. We were so thankful for my TW when Kerry was baking with raisins, which were sealed in Tupperware after being bought at Costco(the big bag, but not the Sunmaid kind) and low and behold, there was a bug city in the raisins, think many stages of bugs...larvae, creepy crawlers and fliers. But not a single bug anywhere else in the cupboard. Now go eat your raisins!!!

Oh, I did all that organizing and found time to play with my biggest little fans, L. and A. Robinson for about 2 hours while Yolanda 'worked'. I love hide'n'seek with those two. You can hide behind a pole with your belly and your butt showing and they still pretend not to see you and when they find you or you find them they laugh with that sweet belly laugh.

Nap time for sure.


Dawn said...

Don't be afraid but I think I'm a little turned on.

with greatest respect,
(Obessessive Compulsive Dawn)

Kelli said...

OCD, that's funny.
I am so impressed with my cupboard that I ate a bunch of things I wasn't really hungry for. Good things, low-point things. They looked so darn good in the tidy cupboard.