Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Where to start?

Friday...Yolanda calls and says "you really should come to the POTP retreat with me, think about it, my phone's dying, I'll call you later." I think, and think, we are supposed to be saving for Disneyland, I went to the MM retreat, I really shouldn't even consider it. She calls again. Well, maybe. Then I think "Why not? When am I going to get the chance to go again? I need a vacation!" So I call Yo back and say I'm considering it, but she wants to leave at noon. Well, no way I can do that, Shaun needs a ride from school and to work for 4, Emily gets home at almost 3, I need to be here. Not looking good. I do tell her that if she is going to be late, like leaving at 4, I'd go. So I go to WW, get my 15 lb. star, the meeting topic was about vacating! Taking a vacation, not putting things off, taking a chance. Well, that's a sign I tell myself.
Then I had to pick up Kerry's bike fork at Cyclepath. I figured if it costs less than $100, I should go, because that's less than we thought it would be. If it costs more, well, fair is fair and I should spend that much on me, so I should go. I'm logical if nothing else. It was only $26. So I figure that's a sign too.
Then I call my MIL to see if she can pick up Shaun and take him to work, she can, another sign.
Then Yo says if I can be ready at 4:15, because she wasn't ready to leave at noon, she will pick me up and off we'll go. Well, that changes everything. I can be home for Em, take Shaun to work, get clothes and cropping stuff packed in less than 2 hours. Sure, I can do that. I call Kerry. I tell him all about my signs, he says "That's bullshit", but that I can go anyway, I don't think I've heard him laugh so hard in a long time. He even came home early from work to see me off.
It was a totally unexpected spur of the moment thing for me to do. And I had the best time ever! I met some terrific people. Super friendly, and even though I hadn't registered for a single thing, Sandra managed to fit me in and make me feel so welcomed. I kissed her. Being there with all those wonderfully creative and hilarious women was exactly what I needed.

Friday night, I didn't get more than an hour of sleep. But we did share a room with Sonja (bookerbaby) and Tracy and they are so friendly and sweet, and so creative. I ended up buying a Scrapbook Trends Mini Album book just so I could drool over Sonja's album.

Saturday...up early to help Yolanda prep for stuff and to do the make-n-take. Met Kate, Shannors, Colleen, Mary, Roni, Amanda(upsy daisy designs) and everyone else, did I mention everyone was so friendly? Jerry and Ronna, two strangers, heard me say I needed a Coke and gave me one. Not that I'm in the habit of taking Coke from strangers, but I needed my fix and they looked okay!

Saturday night...dinner with 'famous' people. I sat at the same table and had dinner with Kate Teague, Kah-Mei Smith, Jill Beemer, Yolanda Robinson, and some other very creative ladies. I got to see Yo's new stamps and rub-ons. Nice!!! I also met Tara Tuck from Pageframes, what a great product. Cate made a gorgeous album using a Pageframe album. I need to get me some of those!

I have no pictures to post, none, not a one. Not that it didn't warrant taking pictures. I just didn't do it. But I did take pictures of all the goodies I came home with, the ones that I won, the ones I got free!!! Check out the stamps, 2 sets! We also stopped in Langley at Clipper Street, it was 8:45 pm and it was a sign...they were holding their crop night and were open until midnight! On the way home, we stopped at PhotoExpress and picked up all the things I didn't buy from Sandra and POTP.
And all I have to say about it is that next time, Yo doesn't need to ask me twice, I don't need a dozen signs, sign me up, I'm going next year!


Fern said...

Sounds like you had a great time Kelli! Sometimes that's the best way. Spontaneous, no expectations and fun fun fun. I would love to see all your goodies in real life!

Dawn said...

good for you for taking an opportunity to do something fun & spontaneous!

Audrey said...

wtg kelli.... super jealous LOL! but I got a fence up and it only took 7 years 5 months and 21 days so I'm very happy I stayed home!

Veronica said...

Kelli...it was such a pleasure to meet you. So glad you kept Yo company. It was a blast and all worth the rearranging of schedules and stuff.

Life is too short....you just gotta live spontaneously....and see how much fun you have.