Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

It may directly correlate with the amount of caffeine I have, or it might just come naturally, but sometimes when I'm really excited about something, like the previous post, I talk fast. Or I expect people to answer in a timely when I asked Kerry if he wanted salt and pepper on his breakfast and he took forever to contemplate this. And so I said "never mind, you don't get either". He said I was the squirrel to his possum, to which I probably said "are you speaking in riddle?" (running joke with us.) And he said "over the hedge, remember the Hammy, you're him. I'm the possum." And that is why Kerry got a purple nurple for Mother's day.
I can see this being something we joke about for a long time to come.
Funny thing, that's exactly what I look like when I brush my teeth, Kerry makes fun of that too.

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