Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Woe is me!

I'm out of Starbuck's Sugar-Free Vanilla syrup and so are the Willow Park and Leathead Road stores, and Chapters. So I had to try to replicate my morning coffee with inferior syrups. Two cups down the drain. But on the upside, I did try the Starbuck's Orange Mocha Frap Light. It was delectable. And to celebrate I had a Low Fat Orange Cream cake (I don't think it's low fat, it was way to yummy.)

What am I celebrating? Why it must be the rising price of gas! What the heck is with that? Kerry's on to something with this riding his bike to work. He better ride his bike to Chapter's, the bike store, and Gillard so that I can afford to drive. Ha Ha Ha. I'm not so funny with out caffeine, give me a few minutes until it hits my blood stream.

I totally cased this 'frame' from Cheryl, she's got one of her son at Memories and More and I love it. I have a bunch of 'frames' from my painting days so I thought I'd try it out. I love it and think I might make some for gifts. The paper and chipboard letters are Stampin' Up!

Someone left Linus outside unattended, I like to think it was the kids, but when I think back to his behavior before the kids got home, I believe it was me. He came in from his afternoon outing and was super excited. I think now that he was probably telling me something like "MOM, MOM, you have to see what I did for you today!!! I picked you some purdy flowers! I pulled out those ones the kids planted for you on Mother's Day, I got them out of that yucky dirt and shook all that dirt off. I pulled all the purdy tops off for you and spread them around the yard so that it looks all colourful for you and then I left the flowers on the grass so they could dry out and last forever." Yup that's probably what he was trying to tell me.
And I noticed some other evidence of flower snacking around the bottoms of my planters, so I moved them to higher ground. Hope they aren't poisonous, don't know what he's got against purdy flowers, they must taste delicious.


Anonymous said...

HAAAA! Harley LOVES him some pretty flowers... LOL! I used to have tulips and daffodils and sweet peas...

Tara said...

Hmm... that was me up there... You know, in case you couldn't tell!

Dawn said...

I think you're pretty funny without caffiene!!!

Inferious syrops... HA!!!

and I LOVE the family picture, with the kids in the background... that's awesome!!!