Saturday, May 19, 2007

May 18th, 1980
It’s not a holiday, like Thanksgiving or Christmas, it’s not a family member’s birthday, but it’s a day we remember, one we celebrate, one we are thankful for and look forward to. It’s the day Mount St. Helen’s erupted, a sad day for many but for our family it was the turning point in our lives. May 18th, 1980 was the day my dad decided to stop drinking. I know it was a May long weekend, I don’t know what happened leading up to his decision, but I’m glad he made it and stuck with it. I know it couldn’t have been easy going cold turkey. But I am very thankful, proud, and grateful that on May 18th, 27 years ago, my dad chose his family!

Yes, I will be scrapbooking this. In case you are unsure, those are my parents and those are probably the only pictures I have of them together. I made them pose on Mother's day and lets just say they are like a couple of kids with ants in their pants when it comes to taking a picture of them. I used PS7 to crop and line all the pictures up so that I could print them out just like that. I think I'm getting the hang of that darn program. I will use that on my layout too.

Happy Victoria Day!!! We're doing the usual, bbq, hiking with pups, yard and house stuff, whoo weee exciting.


Fern said...

Those are great pictures, what a hambone your dad seems to be! Congratulations to him & the rest of you & have a great weekend.

Dawn said...

great pics, great story... can't wait to see the lo you creat with them!

have an awesome weekend!