Monday, May 07, 2007

Yes, Heather, that's FRESH spinach!!!

Some of the many things I love about where we live:
-we get all 4 seasons
-we are close to family, as in with-in walking distance but not with-in 'I can see you from my kitchen window' distance. (although if I could get on the roof, I could probably see most of my relatives.)
-my 90 year old Grandpa has a garden bigger than my yard and because of this I am probably the first person in Kelowna, okay, maybe the first grandchild to eat FRESH LOCALLY GROWN SPINACH.
-AND because of all of these reasons I will spend next to nothing buying fresh veggies during the summer and fall, ones that I know where they were grown and who touched them.

So tonight we will enjoy our Asian inspired (made by me, duh!), marinated chicken, pasta and fresh locally grown spinach salad, with fresh, grown kind of by me cilantro. I would love a bit of mango in it, but the trees not ripe yet!


Dawn said...

my mouth is watering...


Heather said...

Does your Grandpa remember me? Does he like me, I like him! So, do my in-laws! I think that should count toward fresh spinach?
Or, how much do you like me right now? Never mind, scrap that, I know the answer!

Enjoy! Looks devine!

Cheryl said...

Mmmmmmmm....that looks DELICIOUS!