Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I feel old!

It's official. I'm old. But on the upside...Kerry and I went to the bike store and the owner and 1 employee asked how the day was, blah blah blah. Kerry said it was grad night, he wanted a new shirt. The one guy asked if it was grade 6 to grade 7 grad and was shocked when we said "No, Shaun's graduating from high school, gr. 12". Then the owner, Gary, comes over to talk and he thinks it's preschool graduation and is equally shocked when we tell him the real deal. So even though I feel old, I guess we don't look old enough to have a son that has graduated from high school. Benefits of starting young.
I got a pile of pictures, some great, some not so good. It was so darn bright and I remembered too late what my pics looked like from previous years, but I still managed to get a few keepers. I even got a couple of good ones of Emily, she's not so cooperative anymore.

I took these from a distance, the kids were on the hill near the island stage and I was on the bridge to the stage. Shaun and Grant have been friends since gr. 4. Jenn is Shaun's girlfriend.

Laine and Shaun went to preschool together, back when they were 4 years old. Laine and Jenn are good friends and that's how they all started hanging out together.

It looks like he's mumbling under his breath, probably something about having to pose for all the pictures.
I would have been fine, if Fran hadn't asked if I had any kleenex for the first dance. I wouldn't have had all night to think about how much I was going to cry during the first dance. Thanks Fran, I cried the whole dance and couldn't stop. Kerry, of course, took pictures the whole time.
Again, with the mumbling, only this time I think it's "just take the darn picture and get the heck out of here, you're embarassing me with all your crying!"

Needless to say, we are so very proud of our newly graduated boy!!!

I'm off to have my cream of wheat and metamucil, okay, so maybe I don't feel that old. But I still haven't caught up on my sleep.


Shannon said...

Kelli, You do not look old enough to have a 17 year old!!!!! Don't be sad.. i see those crying parents every year.. be proud of him!!!!! (and yourself!!)

Cheryl said...

Congrats to Shaun! I agree - you don't look old enough to be mom to a 17 year old. That's just crazy talk!

aside: love your outfit
awesome pics of the kids
Luke's middle name is Shaun
but he was named after my
cousin and they spelled it
this weird welsh way.

Fern said...

Those are great pics, doesn't take much to get us old girls crying these days (btw where can you get a good deal on metamucil?)

Dawn said...

That's so great... awesome pictures, handsome son, great friends, and a very special mother/son moment... wow... great job on getting a kid through highschool! congrats to you both!
I'm getting teary thinking of being at that dance myself before I know it!

p.s. you definitely look too young to be the mother of a graduate!!

Audrey said...

holy cow.... brings me right back to my own grad.... we aren't that old Kelli come one!

Congrats to the whole Williams Family, cause it takes a family to raise wonderful, educated children!

Veronica said...

Hey Kelli....Mom's of boys are allowed to cry!!!

Congrats on the graduation.