Friday, July 25, 2008

I did so much on Monday and Tuesday that I pretty much did nothing the rest of the week.

-got the van fixed.
-bought Emily some sun glasses, as you can see in the pictures, but didn't find any for me.
-took some pictures, naturally.
-found a few baby spaghetti squash! So exciting.
-went for my walk everyday if memory serves me right, or at least once this week if my memory doesn't serve me right.
-ate some Chapman's Vanilla frozen yogurt and liked it.
-cursed a dog for putting a hole in the fence and then using it to escape. The nerve!
-saw Mamma Mia and loved it. Bought an ABBA cd.
-found out that Kerry knows the words to ABBA songs.
-found a good recipe for Green Bean Casserole from scratch and am making it right now.
-made a few things I'll share later on.
-found a purple yam and glutinous mutant coconut candy at the Oriental Market and was too afraid to buy it. Mutants...Zombies...Radiation...see where I'm going with it.
-didn't watch Fear Itself even though it wasn't about zombies, I did see 3 minutes of it before Kerry told me to change back to Overhaulin' which made me cry because I am such a softy for a big guy getting his ancient VW bus overhauled.
I'm absolutely positive that even though my picture are improving, PW's actions make any photo look good. It's hard not to burn the edges of everything. I think that makes me a pictopyro. (all photos taken with my 50 mm, f1.8, ISO 800, at dusk).
Have I told you lately that I love my camera?

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Brenna said...

Great pics Kelli...those shades are hot!!!