Thursday, July 03, 2008

A miracle

Shaun never goes to the beach, or in the pool. He's too old for that. But now that it's summer and Jenn likes the beach and the pool, he's had to step out of his comfort zone for her. Last night, he declares that he's going in the pool. Emily jumped at the chance to swim with them. I managed to get a few pictures, none are stellar, and this one isn't even the best, but I love the fact that both of my kids have the same eyes. Closed ones. And it's not the lighting, one of my kids is brown, one is white, soon to be red. That's just one more reason to go outside on a regular basis, you won't burn to a crisp each time.


RAE said...

I wish we had a pool. This hot weather just makes me miserable!

Kimberly said...

How great! LOVE that she is helping him step out of his comfort zone. :)))