Sunday, July 13, 2008

This Week in Review

We got a 'real' patio set. A grown up one. Matching chairs, table and umbrella. Had to, after Tara and Jaynee complained about how uncomfortable our plastic green chairs were. feed them, put them by the pool, make them iced coffees and they complain about the seating. Talk about peer pressure.

Anyway, that's not the exciting know on Christmas morning when the kids play with the boxes and not the good stuff that came in them, it happens with everyday stuff too. It happens with grown ups and dogs....Here's Kerry and Linus in their fort. You would not catch me in a box with that dog...He gives hot boxing a new meaning.

I applied my SU Decor Elements to our side door. This is the door we use all the time, so I thought it would be better here. A W for Welcome, or Women Rule, Wonderful, or Wipe Your Feet, Watch Out(dog warning), Work in Progress, Williams or Woof. I quite like it. It wasn't the easiest thing I've ever done, if you've seen me work, I'm not a measuring girl, but you so have to be if you want this stuff to look good. And you have to do lots of rubbing, you might get bubbles, which if you look really close on the other side, you will see, but if you say anything, I won't open the door. Plain and simple. (with lots of patience and rubbing, you can get rid of the bubbles)

I haven't been taking that many pictures, but when I did, this is what I got. It's common knowledge that no one is safe, and if you don't move fast you will be a subject. And that's why I have a picture of this icky fly. See, my camera is soooo awesome it can make this fly look good, even though he probably just came from a pile of poop or something equally nasty to humans but delicious to flies. I think he looks like Jeff Goldblum.

Here's a slightly better picture...I would probably scream more if a ladybug landed on me than if poop fly landed on me. Don't know why. It's supposed to be lucky if a ladybug lands on you, if a poop fly lands on you, you stink.

For year's we have had these pop bottle bird feeders, not attractive, but they hold up in the weather. Only thing is, we haven't had any birds. Zilch, zero, nada, none. But for some reason this year we have lots, even though we live in the shadow of the meat eater. I guess little birds like to live dangerously. They are porking up too. We have to fill the 2 litre bottle every other day. Sometimes, one bird will sit at the feeder and eat and toss seeds to the birds on the ground, very smart, very nice to share.

Kerry's at Silver Star mountain biking today, Shaun's at work at the Harvest, Emily is still sleeping but has beach plans with the Ways, so I get to hang with my peeps today!!! I will be trying to be creative, and as I have been trying to do for months, searching for the 2 or 3 packs of flowers I bought a few (6) months ago. I know I have them, I remember opening them, fondling them, and putting them somewhere, but I just don't know where. I picked up Donna Downey's layout book and am feeling very inspired.

UPDATE: after months of looking I finally found my flowers. I mean really, who's idea was it to take them out of their original containers and put them in an empty SU Hodge Podge Hardware tin?


RAE said...

The "W" looks great! Whoever put your flowers in the hodge podge container is probably the same person who puts away my MM fold-up mesh garbage holder b/c I now have 2 of them and can't even manage to find one of them LOL

Dawn said...

LOVE the decore sticker!

Brenna said...

What no pics of the patio furniture? LOL I do love the photos of your garden critters and the "W" is very cool.